Wednesday, July 28, 2010


October 10th - World Homeless Action Day.  
Millions of people around the world are mobilizing to participate in the annual World Homeless Action Day.  Together, we'll raise awareness and help men, women and children in our local communities overcome poverty, hunger and homelessness.  Portland Rescue Mission is offering this site as a catalyst and resource for participation in the Portland, Oregon area.

Will it make a difference?
A little girl happened upon a beach covered with thousands of starfish.  Fearing they would die out of the water, she began picking them up one-by-one, throwing them back into the sea.

A man noticed her and asked, "Why bother?  There's so many starfish here, you'll never be able to save them.  It can't possibly make any difference."

Tossing another starfish into the water, the little girl replied, "It made a difference to that one."

We can all do something.
  • Lynn, formerly homeless, didn't have much, but she had two feet.  So she walked this summer from Canada to Mexico to visit shelters and raise awareness about homelessness.
  • Two sisters in Oregon started assembling care kits for homeless men and women.  Their efforts grew into, a nationwide effort providing essential toiletries and care.
  • A local youth group donated 235 pairs of socks -- each one an opportunity to reach out to a homeless person.

What can you do?
You may not have much to offer.  But you do have something that can help.

You probably have...
  • Influence in your workplace or organization.
  • Friends and family you can gather.
  • A skill to work with your hands.
  • The ability to think creatively.
  • Some time to volunteer.
  • A few dollars to share.
  • A smile and conversation.

Get started.

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